NCMS Legacy Scholarship

Introducing the NCMS Legacy Scholarship

NCMS is proud to present an annual NCMS Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship will benefit a student in Larimer or Weld county and honor NCMS members who have passed away. See our Legacy List below of deceased members for whom we have record. This list is far from comprehensive; add names by emailing

2018 application

Previously the Michael P. Wiggins, MD Memorial Scholarship, the NCMS Legacy Scholarship is an unrestricted $5,000 scholarship awarded annually to a graduate of a Larimer or Weld County high school who has been accepted to or who is enrolled in medical school.

The scholarship honors members of the Northern Colorado Medical Society (or the Weld County or Larimer County medical societies) who have passed away.


  1. An applicant must be a graduate of a Larimer or Weld county high school, or if home schooled, must have graduated while living in Larimer or Weld county.
  2. An applicant must be accepted to a medical or osteopathic medical school or be currently attending medical school.
  3. Application materials (a cover letter and CV/resume) must be received by Sept. 1, 2018. Scholarship payment will be made by January 2019 and the awardee will be invited to the NCMS annual meeting in January. (Attendance is not required for the award.)

The NCMS Executive Committee will screen the applicants for selection. To apply, send a cover letter describing your aspirations in medicine and your CV/resume by e-mail to or by mail to:

Northern Colorado Medical Society
Wiggins Scholarship Selection Committee
PO Box 273000
Fort Collins, CO 80527

Legacy List

William S Abbey, MD
James E Adams, MD
Don Allely, MD
James Allely, MD
Patrick Allen, MD
Cloyd Arford, MD
Donald A Arndt, MD
E J Artist, MD
Jerald Ballard, MD
Don Barber, MD
David E Bates, MD
Martin Bechtel, MD
Robert J Bliss Sr, MD
Russell R Boehlke, MD
William Boelter, MD
Walter Boyd, MD
Thomas Boylan, DO
Jack Breen, MD
Dwight Brigham, MD
Charles R Burket, MD
Charles A Carroll, MD
Thomas J Collins, MD
Donald E Cook, MD
Scott A Corliss, MD
Joseph Corona, MD
William Droegemueller, MD
Samuel C Duhon Sr, MD
Harold H Dupper, MD
X. Dyde, MD
Garth W Englund, MD
Helen F Fickel, MD
Larry J Findley, MD
Richard B Foe, MD
A Lee Gordon, MD
Robert N Grosboll, MD
Ashley N Grosboll, MD
Cynthia Hampson, MD
Harold Haymond, MD
Albert J Helm, MD
Eugene J Hesse, MD
Harold Hinzelman, MD
James F Hoffman, MD
James K Horstman, MD
Robert N Humphrey, MD
Joseph A Jabaily, MD
Harold Jordan, MD
Edwin D Kadlub, MD
Lewis A Kidder, MD
Fred D Kuykendall, MD
Wayne Livermore, MD
David J Manning, MD
Robert B McDivitt, MD
James K Medelman, MD
Burdette L Miller, MD
X. Montgomery, MD
Robert M Morrell, MD
Robert S Napper, MD
X. Nelson, MD
Thomas K Norrie, MD
Charles R Patterson, DO
Stuart A Patterson, MD
Robert B Patterson, MD
Tracy D Peppers, MD
Herschel R Phelps, MD
Robert H Pike, MD
Robert T Porter, MD
Patricia Powell, MD
Richert E Quinn Jr, MD
Fred J Roukema, MD
Clarence Sabin, MD
Jackson L Sadler, MD
Edward G Schaumberg, MD
Robert L Schmidt, MD
Ron Sheets, MD
Roy H Shore, MD
Reynold I Shwayder, MD
Earl Sisson, MD
Hubbard W Smith, MD
Max Spencer, MD
Dawin C Sprague, DO
William J Sullivan, MD
Donald J Summerson, MD
Henry P Thode Jr, MD
James Thomas Thompson, DO
David Tryggestad, MD
Martin G Vanderschouw, MD
David Ward, MD
James R Wheeler, MD
John A Weaver Jr, MD
Philip Weaver, MD
W W Webster, MD
Charles Westrup, MD
Sam Widney, MD
Eugene A Wiege, MD
Michael P Wiggins, MD
James K Wise, MD
Bernard Wolach, MD
Jacob J Zuidema, MD