COPIC is a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance and recognized for its industry-leading patient safety and risk management programs. Our mission is to improve medicine in the communities we serve. We work with physicians, health care professionals, group practices, hospitals and other medical facilities to support improved medical outcomes and patient care. Founded in 1981 by Colorado physicians, the COPIC Trust consists of COPIC Insurance Company, COPIC Medical Foundation and COPIC Financial Service Group, Ltd.

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Rehabilitation & Nursing Center of the Rockies is a local and independently owned and operated skilled nursing facility located in the heart of Fort Collins. We believe in patient-centric care and customer service, and make sure that anyone who enters our facility is treated with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve. What sets us apart from other long-term care facilities in the area? That answer is three-fold. First, you will be able to have direct contact and face-to-face interaction with the owners every day, as one of them is the administrator and the other runs the business office. Second, we have an amazing clinical team that provides expert care and the best staffing ratios in the region (amount of aides to residents). Third, and most importantly, your loved one(s) will be treated like family during their stay with us. We really are like home!

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