COPIC’s mission is to improve medicine in the communities we serve. We work with physicians, health care professionals, group practices, hospitals and other medical facilities to support improved medical outcomes and patient care. Founded in 1981 by Colorado physicians, the COPIC Trust consists of COPIC Insurance Company, COPIC Medical Foundation and COPIC Financial Service Group, Ltd.

COPIC Insurance Company is a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance and recognized for its industry-leading patient safety and risk management programs. We became a fully licensed and regulated insurance company in 1984. Today, we are exclusively endorsed by the Colorado Medical Society, the Colorado Hospital Association, and the Nebraska Medical Association. Our network of insureds includes more than 7,000 physicians and over 120 hospitals and health care facilities.

The COPIC Medical Foundation supports health care through grant funding, scholarships, and directed donations. COPIC Financial Service Group is a brokerage and consulting firm that focuses on financial services and products for members of the health care community.

COPIC serves as trusted partner for education, fosters collaboration among peers, and advocates for the health care community on important issues such as tort reform, patient safety, access to care and quality improvement. We also support health care on a broader level through initiatives such as reduced or no-cost medical liability coverage for volunteer physicians and a training program for medical residents.

Contact Info:
7351 E. Lowry Blvd., Ste. 400
Denver, CO 80230

COPIC Insurance Company
Phone: (720) 858-6000 or (800) 421-1834
Fax: (877) 263-6665

COPIC Medical Foundation
Phone: (720) 858-6071
Fax: (720) 858-6005

COPIC Financial Service Group
Phone: (720) 858-6280
Fax: (720) 858-6281